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Thermofoil & Wood Doors
Often used for making kitchen cabinet doors, Thermofoil is reasonably priced and commonly available synthetic material and is thin, tight, heat-sealed plastic wrap used to mold over an MDF substrate. Thermofoil cabinet doors can be a solid color or imitation wood grain. We also offer solid wood doors which can be solid colors as well as stained. Both types of doors come in many different designs as well as a 5 year warranty. 

We also fabricate our own laminated doors made out of termite treated plywood. There are may different color selections, however we only offer one style for this door. 
Solid Surface 
Acrylic Solid Surface is a solid homogeneous sheet or slab resistant to stains. This means the color and design are consistent throughout making it ideal for surfaces that are subject to moisture and heavy wear. This non-porous surface rejects the growth of bacteria making it the logical choice in areas of food preparation, even over granite. It has the elegance of stone with a thermo formable quality, giving you creative license to explore your ideas with confidence. With LG HI-MACS you recieve an industry leading 15 year fully transferable warranty, making this investment one you can feel secure in. 
Extremely hard and durable, glossy sheen, non-porous and stain and crack resisant, does not require sealing or resealing. There is a wide range of colors and its easy to clean with soap, water, and a soft cloth. A little more expensive than solid surface, but it is not heat tolerant and seams are inevitable for large countertop designs.